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Guard Patrol System.
Topp Core Guard Patrol System is a centralized solution for Resource Monitoring, Tour Verification and Patrol Monitoring, designed for single & Multiple Site Deployment.
Existing users are professionals that have taken the initiative to extend the Best Practices implemented in other areas of their Security Operations to a Patrol Management & Reporting System that enables managers to make good decisions, with up to date information.
Prospective users are professionals looking to extend the Best Practices implemented in other areas of their Security Operations to a Patrol Management & Reporting System that enables managers to make good decisions, with up to date information.
How does it work?
The Tour system is implemented by mounting a series of self-contained electronic Checkpoints (RFID) at the various locations required to be inspected, visited, or confirmed. These Checkpoints are about the size of a dime, and do not require any wiring.

Description: C:\Users\TOSHIBA\Desktop\Topp\RFIDtags.gif RFID

For example Security Guards carry a handheld data collection device that reads the unique ID number stored in each Checkpoint visited, and records the time and date of the visit. The stored information is then securely transmitted to a Centralized Server via an Internet downloader attached to a desktop PC or wirelessly over the cell phone network.

Description: C:\Users\TOSHIBA\Desktop\Topp\tourdevice.jpg Tour device


Self Defense Devices
Tactical self defense/crowd control devices.

  • With our state of the art non lethal tonfa (Baton) and well trained response team crowd control is handled with exceptional professionalism. The tonfa is designed as effective weapon to integrate tonfa with air soft gun in one device.
  • Construct of reinforced aluminum alloy with glass fiber housing for extreme durability. The versatility and dexterity of holding Tonfa in many ways makes tonfa one of the top 18 Chinese self defense weapons.
  • If used as an air soft gun, Tonfa can continue to fire various balls such as pepper ball, rubber ball, paint ball and training balls according to your purpose once powered by CO2 gas with muzzle velocity up to 355 FPS (110m/sec). With capability to make blasting sound as threatening if no ball is installed on magazine.
  • The most effective non-ammunition non lethal weapon provides defense, attack and destroy missions. The application includes anti-riot control, patrol, intimidating and self-defense…etc.
  • Build-in a Pica tinny rail allows the use with LED tactical flashlight, video recorder or IR laser aimer according to specific purpose.
  • Unique safety switches design. (Green: lock; Red: armed)

Description: CIMG0473_1.pngDescription: IMG_0720.png 


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M-1 Self defense Kit
T-1 is a unique two shots in one multi functional self defense device. It allows you to shot multiple types of non lethal ammo including pepper power, pepper bullets, rubber bullets, paint balls and SOS signal rounds. The standard package comes with the following items.

  • A soft carrying bag with neck cord
  • The main body of T-1 with waist carrying case.
  • One flash light cartridge
  • Three pepper ball cartridges.

T-1 is stylish compact size, its light in weight and can be carried and handled easily. T-1 is a Non-lethal   Non-weapon classification self-defender, small size, light weight, easy carry and supports seven   various cartridges for multi-purpose application. Uniquely fires 2-shots in one and classified as one of the most advanced, most effective long range non-lethal self-defender with Built-in soft-light & laser aimer. The Power ON Buzzer for safety alert makes it most effective and extremely user friendly
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Other Services.
Access Control time and attendance (3D touch-less Biometrics)

PEK Solutions a Ghana based company  in partnership with Touchless Biometric Solutions (TBS)  a Swiss company brings to the security  market complete biometric solutions for your security: for government, multinationals, small enterprises, institutional applications or residential buildings. Based on your needs, we will find a suitable and effective security solution.

TBS 3D Touchless Fingerprint Technology is worldwide unique. The three-dimensional and contact-free sensor technology captures the highest possible quantity of fingerprint details, guaranteeing significantly higher security than any other biometric system. Contact-free solutions qualify in particular for higher risk, large user groups or hygienically sensitive applications.

Each and every product of our comprehensive product portfolio is deliberately SWISS MADE, thus ensuring a maximum of quality and reliability.
Contact us for more details on our biometrics solutions.




TBS biometric solutions are deployed worldwide. Excerpt from our customer list:

  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Aramco
  • E.ON Energie
  • Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
  • Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
  • Ministry of Manpower, Oman
  • Mövenpick Group
  • Raiffeisenbank
  • Saudi Investment Bank
  • Swiss Police
  • Swiss Department of Defense
  • Turkish Petroleum International Company
  • World Economic Forum WEF

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